A Book of Cookrye Very Necessary For All Such As Delight Therein. Bunny.

No pictures, I am afraid.

I was working on a boar dish, but the meat was off, and was discarded.

We made To Boyle a Cony with a Pudding in HIs Belly, at the home of some friends.

It wound up being a lot like http://carbonadoes.com/2012/08/18/capon-or-goos-roste/ but we used raw yolks, and made the dish with the meat pressed into a terrine with the meat folded about it, and cooked in the vessel.

It was far more delightful with the raw yolk, though unmolding would have worked better had we been less hungry, and waited for it to cool.

The breadcrumb is quite valuable in this instance for managing the fat and juices from being baked inside a clay baker. We cooked to an internal temp of 150, which almost stewed the meat, but the filling was in no way overcooked.

I look forward to eating more of this book.

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