Neapolitan Recipe Collection: 34 Hemp Seed Mustard

Sometimes a recipe fails for completely modern reasons.

Hemp seed “mustard”, a porridge, is about the same consistency as a grainy mustard, but has a very different composition. IMG_5262 IMG_5263 IMG_5267

We take the seeds, cook them, separate the hulls from the nutmeats, cook in broth, then in almond milk, thicken with sugar and breadcrumbs, then season with ginger, safffron, and rosewater.

However, I have a modern problem. I worked hard to get hemp seeds. I had the choice of hulled, salted, roasted, or plain roasted. I could not, for perfectly viable reasons, source raw seeds.

No matter what I did, how hard I pounded with the mortar and pestle, how much time I spent, I could not separate the hulls. I tried. I spent the day wiith food processors, burr grinders, a wheat mill, mortar and pestle, and the rest of the stuff currently in the sink and dish machine.

I continued with the dish as written, keeping in mind the 12 oz pound, and simmered, crushed, simmered, folded, simmered, and seasoned away.

Nothing could save this dish except moving to Colorado.


I tasted it again a while later. There is almost no analogue to hemp seeds easily available in the US. Flax isn’t the same, chia won’t work, and so on, but I may try this with decidedly non-European teff or amaranth to see what I think, some time in the future after I have forgotten the trauma of this experience.


Scully, Terence. The Neapolitan Recipe Collection: (New York, Pierpont Morgan Library, MS Bühler, 19) : A Critical Edition and English Translation. Ann Arbor, Mich.: U of Michigan, 2000. 180. Print.

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