Not food. Well, not yet, anyhow

Finally, it is spring. It’s been quite the winter, as we are all a little too aware.

Now, at long last, it’s time to plant the garden.

This weekend will include hoeing out the remnants of last year’s beds, where the plants did not overwinter, then folding in

aged compost, which I made about three years ago. Too fresh and it can burn the roots of tender plants.

Not having a greenhouse, or a staff, I will be planting in the garden beds where things will grow.

We have lovage, borage, hyssop, rue, sage, a few kinds of thyme, pinks,  lettuces, turnips, radishes,

purple carrots, white carrots, and this year, I plan to try peas again. It’s been too tempting to the bunnies in the past.

We ought to know if any of the baby trees survived the year soon.

I am so thrilled!


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