Herbed Feta Cheese

Herbed Feta Cheese
Pickled Cheese
Tyros eis Halmen

(part of an ongoing series in which I share recipes presented at The Lay of El Cid hosted by Barony Bhakail)
“Cheese keeps after being washed in fresh water and dried in the sun, then
put in an earthenware jar together with savory or thyme, each cheese
separated from the other according to it strength, with the addition of sweet
wine vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and honey, until the liquid rises above
the cheese and herbs. Some people preserve the cheese by putting it in sea
4 oz feta cheese
1/2 oz dried thyme or savory
2 fluid oz red wine vinegar
1/2 ounce honey
Cube cheese into morsels.
Lay in narrow, deep container, dusting each layer with herbs.
Pour in vinegar, being certain to avoid air pockets.
Add honey, drizzling over the surface.
Be certain to cover completely with vinegar.
dilute with water, if needed, to cover and/or to blend flavor.
Place plastic wrap over top, touching the surface to avoid air contact.
Marinate in fridge overnight or longer, according to tastes.
Serves four as part of a cheese platter.
Grant, Mark. Roman Cookery. London: Serif Cookery, 1999. 77. Print.

2 Replies to “Herbed Feta Cheese”

  1. Did you do cheese, herbs, honey, vinegar and start over with cheese and layer it?
    Did the vinegar change the texture of the cheese at all?
    Did it taste as awesome as it sounds?

    1. What John of http://flouryeastsalt.blogspot.com did was slice the cheese into slabs, then replaced it into the large bucket it arrived in, and pour the herb/vinegar mixture over. (I subcontracted some of the dishes for the event. John is an awesome cook and an even better baker)
      The vinegar does tighten up the grain of the cheese slightly, and depending on the vinegar used, can affect the flavor greatly. It softens the blow of the salt, and brings out the milky sweetness. Yes, it was awesome. They still sell it in jars at fancy shops modernly, it is so awesome.

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