Sent Sovi; Confits, Candied Walnuts

Confits; Candied walnuts

(part of an ongoing series in which I share recipes presented at The Lay of El Cid hosted by Barony Bhakail)
If you want to make candied walnuts, make a cut at every part, that is, on each
side and at both ends. After that, soak them nine days and nine nights, and
every day change with cold water. Then scald them with a pot of boiling water,
and leave it a day and a night.
For two hundred fifty walnuts, take three pounds of honey and a pitcher of
water, and cook it enough so it becomes half a pitcher.
Then take them from the pot and put them in a basket to drain well for a whole
night, and then spread them out on a screen and put them on their ends; and
they should stay the whole night.
After that, take thirteen pounds of honey and the walnuts said above, and take
the honey and put it on the fire. When it boils skim it well, and put in the nuts,
and cook it so that the honey is sticky enough.
After that, take them out of the honey and a clove on one end, and on the other
end a pistachio nut, and on the sides a clove of ginger and a pine nut. Do all
of this with every walnut.
Put them in a sauce dish, and pour hot honey over them so they are well
8 oz walnuts
8 oz honey
4 oz water
1/4 tsp dried ginger
1/4 tsp ground cloves
2 oz pine nuts
2 oz pistachios
Place nuts in pot. Cover with water, rinse until water clears. Simmer in water
until soft and water discolors. Discard water.
Place nuts evenly on parchment paper, place in medium oven (300) and gently
dry without cooking nuts. Place honey and measured water in pot. Simmer
until reduced by half (use a spatula to gauge depth visually)
When the honey has reduced, fold in the cooked walnuts. When the nuts are
evenly coated, turn off the heat, add the pistachios and pine nuts. Fold in the
spices, then put the nuts into the storage jar. Cover them with the honey from
the pot.
NOTE This recipe relies on the salt of the pistachios for it’s seasoning. If you
have unsalted pistachios, you may wish to use a teaspoon of salt, applied to the
walnuts after boiling, before drying.
Santanach, Joan, trans. Robin Vozelgang. The Book of Sent Sovi Medieval Recipes from
Catalonia. First Edition. Barcelona, Spain: Barcino-Tamesis, 2008. 164-165. Print.

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