“in the style of”

I sometimes riff on a recipe rather than following them. I grew up cooking by theme rather than by specifics, but with historical cooking, it is somewhat more of a challenge to get into the mindset of the palate.

Lately I have been doing a lot from Apicius, and the other night I decided to just go with it.

We had a couple of turkey thighs to cook. They went into a pan with some chicken broth, some chopped up celery, a handful of coriander, a handful of oregano, and a little asafoetida. I poppedĀ  a lid on it for the first 20 minutes, then removed the lid, added salt and pepper and raised the temperature to roasting.

Another ten minutes in, I added some moscato (it’s what I am using as grape syrup right now, not perfect but it balances things well enough) and finished it with red wine vinegar.

It was pretty darned good.

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  1. I have always felt that we tend to be a little narrow minded when looking at historic recipes. There is no reason to think that they didn’t do just like we do now… “The recipe says to use ingredient A but I am out of that or don’t like it so I am going to use ingredient B instead.”
    Cooks then were no less inventive than we are now!

    This dish sounds lovely!

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