Sent Sovi Chickpeas

I think you may forgive me for terseness, the power is uncertain as I write.

a finished dish of chickpeas, pale against a dark bowl.
Serve in heavy pottery, to hold the heat.

Tender chickpeas, intended as fresh, new, uncooked, undried field produce, to be cooked in almond milk and seasonings.


I used canned chickpeas for lack of access to fresh ones, home-made almond milk, a poached onion, marjoram, savory, parsley, ginger, salt, and verjus.

bowls containing chick peas, a poached onion, almond milk and spices. Verjus and olive oil in bottles, and a pile of herbs and  salt.
the onion was simmered through beforehand.

It was a quick throw-together. Unfortunately, round one is kind of bland and un-interesting, as chickpeas flavor and almond milk’s flavor don’t do much to help each other out.

I’ll play with  a few other processes and get back to you.

in other news, it held for three days, and was perfectly pleasant cold

a pot of simmering almond milk with the chickpeas, to which a pile of minced herbs has been added but not yet stirred in.
be cautious not to burn or scorch


– boring

+ vegetarian,


+ cheap.


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