Sent Sovi To Stuff a Kid/For Stuffing a Piglet XVI XVII

There’s a question of what exactly “resola” is. It might be the pluck, it might be a type of sausage, it might be a leftover of another kind of dish.

Being that there is boiled garlic in the recipe, I went with a type of sausage which relies on fresh meat and garlic. We both like garlic, he does not like pluck. It worked out well.

Because I was not stuffing a whole piglet or kid, I made way too much stuffing. I cooked the rest in a separate pot, more like a terrine. The roast I used only took about a quarter cup of filling.

First I poached some heads of garlic. I figure it freezes well, so poach once, enjoy often. Then I cubed up some salted fat, which I trimmed of skin, and a bit of meat.

the non-meat ingredients for the dish in bowls waiting to be added
meats in the pan, veg on the counter

This all got sauteed til the fat was mostly rendered, and everything was cooked.

sausage, salt-fat, and minced meat in the pan
the sausages are about 3″ long.

After cooling, the meats all went into a processor with the onion and the herbs, and was pulsed til it was quite homogeneous. The raisins were forgotten, and only two eggs were needed to get the texture to what I was looking for.

At this point, I opened a pocket in the loin I was stuffing, and poured in as much as it would take.

a loin roast with a large pocket cut into it, being prepared for stuffing
a reasonably large pocket

It was roasted in a high oven, then rested for about 15 minutes.

After resting, it was sliced in half and served, where it was met with great appreciation.

Recipe: To Stuff a Kid


  • Two small garlic sausages (recipe another time)
  • Two ounces of salt-fat, cubed
  • Two ounces of raw meat, cubed
  • Four ounces raw onion
  • One ounce parlsey and marjoram
  • Two cloves boiled garlic
  • Two ounces raisins
  • Thick chops, loin roast, small whole meat item, or a terrine mold to place filling in.


  1. Boil garlic, set aside to cool
  2. Sautee meats til done and fat rendered. Allow to cool.
  3. Mince meat together with the onion, garlic, and herbs
  4. Fold in eggs and raisins.
  5. Stuff meat item or prepared mold, and roast or bake in bain marie as appropriate.


– unknown major ingredient – expensive ingredients -heavy on pork, an ingredient that does not always play well -muscles or processor needed, not a simple construction. + flexible service, can fit different aspects of a menu +can be made ahead if good temperatures can be managed.

Preparation time:


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