Norse Pies

Norse Pies

Simple instructions for a complex palate!

Norse pies come in several iterations, from pike to “meat.”


In the Viander of Taillevent, the guidance is to use cooked meat, pine nut paste, currants, and harvest cheese chopped small with sugar and a little salt.

We had leftover chicken from the other night’s roast, and went with it. I put about a quarter cup of pine nuts into the processor and pulsed til they were a crumbly nut butter. Then I added about the same amount of raisins (still out of currants!) and pulsed again. 3 cups of chicken went in with this mix, and were pulsed until the whole thing was crumbly and fine, but not a paste.

We tasted for flavor, and agreed that the raisins were sweet enough for our taste, but the salt was lacking, and fixed that.

Using a pie machine and commercial pie dough, we cooked the pies until done, and they did not last long.

+This iteration of norse pies can be made successfully with beef, ground beef, lamb, mutton, pretty much anything with feet.

+We have been satisfied with whole pine nuts, pine nut paste, currants, raisins, cubed meat, diced meat, and anything else we have thought of.

+simple construction

+few ingredients, so few incompatibilities on a menu

+freeze well

+scale up or down well.

– pine nuts, currants, and meat are not cheap, and there are no fillers. It’s not enough of a showstopper for the cost.


-Unfortunately, no pics this week, the camera took a bit of a nap.

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